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Millions of Canadians are involved in real estate an activity which generates more GDP than any other business in Canada. It is a good idea to better understand the subject because to some degree we all become involved over our lifetime. And when mistakes are made we pay the price.  When good decisions are made we benefit.     


 This book was published in May 2017 and it looks at Real Estate in Canada from a non traditional perspective with humor and an overview of the complexity that is normally over simplified by those working in the field.  So, not only will you have a much better understanding of how Real Estate in Canada really works -you are in a much better position to make decisions regarding buying, selling and even participating in alternative housing.

 And this means that you can make more money from your investment, not lose as much as you otherwise would and you will better understand the alternatives to traditional real estate in Canada. You will have more fun and enjoy living in one of the best countries in the world!


There are millions of people inside and outside of Canada who are involved in Canadian real estate at the residential, commercial and resource levels. Real Estate is Canada's largest source of GDP. The bottom line is that there are millions of people making billions of dollars in Canadian Real Estate. And when there is that much money flowing around you really need to be careful that certain folks won't rip you off. When some people make a profit other people pay the price.

In 430 pages you will be amazed, shocked, angered, amused, much more aware of what is really going on. Millions of Canadians can no longer afford to purchase real estate despite the fact that Canada is one of the largest countries in the world with one of the smallest population densities. And UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA explains that not all is bad and you can still have lots of fun and do very well financially if you better understand what is really going on. 

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 One of the fun parts of writing and publishing a book is working on the graphics to advertise and promote it.  We do that with each of our books and it also helps us to entertain and inform our readers.  Unfortunately, there will be a few who prefer very conservatives covers and illustrations. As a Canadian publisher we like to keep our sense of humor and we hope that you enjoy our approach. Our goal is to inform and entertain so that you will have a much better understanding of our subject areas and hopefully that will result in more fun and better financial decisions!  Making a very good decision in Canadian Real Estate is our goal. 


  Graphic Design helps make complicated subjects more fun to explain and understand. We have countless experts at all levels in Real Estate in Canada but for some strange reason millions of Canadians are priced out of the market!  Now why is that? What happened?  We tell you why it did happen and how to avoid the problems that face us today.



and now for something different!


Poetry is perhaps the most eloquent use of any language. We all tend to play with words that rhyme usually starting off when we were kids. At school we often study poems and the one that I always remember was by Robert Service who wrote a poem about The Cremation of Sam McGee. The intriguing aspect of poetry is that a poem can actually take you to a place and suddenly you are there with the characters in the poem! I know that sounds odd but sometimes it is true! There are many different styles of poems and I was very impressed when I had the opportunity of reading poems by S.R.Mats.  So we decided to publish a small book of them. 

 S.R. Mats, a Poet from the Lone Star State of Texas, has written about life and your garden. We all love looking at flowers and when you see a flower you often have very pleasant thoughts. S.R. Mats provides us with poems that combine those thoughts with the flowers that we see. We printed a very small number (25) of Sometimes a Garden and built the booklet by hand. We obtained the help of an excellent Artist to help design the book and she did a wonderful job! These are the first edition copies. We are also including a bunch ( a big bunch!) of flower seeds with each order for free! as a gift to thank you for supporting this book) In fact we happened to obtain a good volume of (legal) Californian Poppy seeds and the package you will receive is usually sold for more than you are paying for the poems!  


Humans love flowers and so do rabbits and deer. We like to look at them and the animals love to eat them. We are offering you a book of wonderful poems that link flowers and a garden back to life and generate happy thoughts. Not bad eh!  


Sometimes a Garden 

An Anthology by S.R. Mats

This book links gardens with life. 


44 pages 8.5X5.5 vellum, soft cover. ISBN 1-894241-03-7 Copyright S.R. Mats 2001 Cover, Design and Editing Kathleen Kane, Publisher Battiston Publishing 2001 First Edition, First Printing. 

Poetic reflective moments with a garden theme. Your mind will be refreshed and stimulated by a wonderful anthology from S.R. Mats a gifted poet from the Lone Star State.

We were fortunate to have the assistance of K. Kane, (a gifted Artist in her own right) who did a wonderful job on the editing and design of the book. You have two wonderful minds at work here. Two and a half if you count me! 

Insights for all of us as we contemplate not only our gardens but also our lives. You may find -as I did, that the poems have a haunting quality in that they reflect the power of poetry to express a human condition and connect with the reader in a way that only poetry can. We all have our favorite poems and this book should add several more to your list!

42 poems are included in this anthology. Including; Sometimes a Garden, She, Too, With Peaceful Face, Cicada, Lilies of the Night, Insomniac, Growth, Garden Faces, Song of Summer, Flowering, Lone, Gleaning Dove, My Gardenias, Cultivating Poetry, What of Winter, What the Birds Say on a Beautiful Spring Day, Woodland Garden, Under the Grape Arbor, Summer's Sweet Respite, The Falls of My Life, A Tree, Black Night Bloom, Flash, Each Time a Pecan Nut Fell, The Ivy, Lone Daffodil, The Bougainvillea's Bloom, Sarah Evergreen, Come June, If I Could Weave, Golden You, Your Flowers Died, Sing Me Now, The Withering, With You, To Plant the Seed, Healing Passage, No More, Come Away Love, The Dove, A Beautiful Abduction, On the Bed of Morning, Drawn to the Flame, The Peace.

Sometimes a Garden by $19.95 US including shipping to any North American address. We have a very limited number of first edition copies available. We will also include a huge number (about 1000+ free Californian poppy seeds so that you can have some fun watching flowers grow too! And a couple of packages of flowers)



And next the only book in the world that explains to you how to make your very first billion!

Have you ever wondered how to make a billion dollars? We have the information that you require. It is not as difficult as you might think! Our book is fun to read and is available in printed and e-book format. 

You can do a lot of things with your first billion that you never thought you could do! Like purchasing expensive cigars and fancy rings for gifts! It is not as difficult as you might think. But, you do need to change your approach on how to make a billion. Here we show you how! 

When you own a business you must understand how to market it. If you have a sense of humor like I do it can be a lot of fun!  Here I am on the right in the Oval Office. A picture like this could go viral and if it does you suddenly have thousands of dollars of free advertising. And if it doesn't you can still have some fun with it! And not everything works but if you don't try nothing will work!

We are quite proud of our book Your Very First Billion and our readers love it! Most books on business are quite boring but not ours! We decided to use  a novel format and we tell you what the main problems in business are and how to solve them. Not only will you have fun reading the book but when others see you reading it they will enjoy the title too. The book is 420 pages and so we go into some good detail.

As a Publisher I have worked in Management in small and large Business, Banking, the Navy and Governments and have owned my own Business. I studied Economics at one of our best Universities and I can assure you that you will learn a lot from this book that will help you better understand how to be successful. It is not just working hard that gets you ahead. It is what you do! In other words, you can slave away at 12 hour days for years and not get very far or you can start making the right decisions and enjoy your life much more! To be honest I wish I knew this when I first started as a kid delivering newspapers during the cold winter months in northern Canada! Imagine for a moment delivering 56 newspapers in weather with wind, snow and a temperature well below freezing!   


It is surprising how many people our book attracts when others see you reading it! Suddenly they may wish to talk to you or buy you a drink or go on a date or act friendly or something good.  A billion dollars is a lot of money! I am not sure why but it seems to attract a lot of people! Possibly they want your money!


by Marcie M. Farsea  ( Marcie's name is pronounced "Far Sea" ) 420 pages print and e-book format (both are nice to have and e-books are very inexpensive!)

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Businesses in Canada and the USA have not done very well in the last two decades. Too many of us leave the middle class each year and enter the "poverty zone" where you never have enough money for a good holiday, a nice home, a newer car, some new clothes that fit and enough money in the bank to meet emergencies that always come up eventually. As a result you shop a lot at Value Village and Thrift stores you seldom take a family vacation and your shoes tend to wear out! Oh yes and your credit card and bank overdraft build up and you pay more and more interest every year! In fact in Canada personal debt has hit historical highs. Not good. 

In North America our manufacturing industry is in big trouble and on the internet there are over a billion websites resulting in way too much supply while demand shrinks and prices dip and profits plunge. And automation in factories and now even offices has eliminated millions of jobs.  China and India have been doing very well because the people there understand business. To give you an example did you know that "Swedish" Volvo cars are now owned by a company in China and a company from India now owns "British" Land Rover and Jaguar! The same thing is happening in Canada and even our famous Tim Horton's is now owned by a private company (3G Capital) in Brazil. Here is the problem - when you don't understand how business really works and your competitors do you lose your business. And you really need to read our book to solve this problem!

This book is in novel format and it is both fun and easy to read unlike most books on business -which lets face it, often are dry and boring and don't tell you what you really need to know!. Trust me, when you are seen reading this book it will also attract a surprising amount of interest from your friends, fellow employees, your boss and people who you don't know yet! If you would like more information about this book please visit this website


                Next the best book in the world about how to drive safely in the winter (and summer too!)


Canadian Winter Driver's Handbook ed2

by Ron and son Eric Battiston

This book will save your life on our winter (or summer) roads! We show you exactly how to avoid winter (or summer) accidents. Often when a book on driving is published the Authors are very careful and very politically correct. We are not. We share reality with you and where there is a problem we describe it in detail and how to avoid it. A recent development is distracted driving where drivers are playing with their cell phones while driving down the highway at 110 km/hr. There are solutions here but if our governments insist on being politically correct the problems will only grow. We describe to you the dangers of drinking and driving and how to avoid these drivers.  We are trying our best to save your life and if you read our book and apply the techniques you will be much safer on our roads. 

207 pages,27 chapters, illustrated

The cover shows our car in our driveway in North Bay in the winter! That mass of snow is our car.

      $2.95 E-book Pdf formaSupport independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

$14.95 Printed book format Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

With our Canadian Winter Driver's Handbook you will be armed with the information and techniques required to avoid accidents, injuries and deaths on our winter (and summer) roads.  And not only does it work in Canada it also works in any country with or without snow! We know snow in Canada because we get a lot of it for too many months each year. 

We published this book because there is a carnage going on right now on our roads -especially during the winter months where approximately 5 or 6 people die every day in Canada and 50 or 60 in the USA and hundreds are injured many with life changing injuries. Sad to say that in the world we lose over a million people every year to traffic accidents and most of them are preventable. Our book contains 48 specific ways and techniques that you can use to prevent being in a car accident! 

If you would like more information about this book please visit this website.

Multiple car accidents are very common on our large highways and we show you in our book how they are completely avoidable!

We tell you in the book that there are some cars you should not drive on winter roads...no matter how gorgeous they are! Like this 1964 Ferrari...Where obviously they did not read our book!


Back in 1994 I invented an amazingly simple Battiston Time Speed Distance Table to assist with Navigation on vessels. It could be an aircraft carrier or a canoe! I have a lot of experience in navigation beginning way back in 1969 when in the Royal Canadian Navy we sailed on the Destroyer  HMCS YUKON to Hawaii and back learning lots about Navigation on the way!  Over the years I served on several Navy ships as a bridge watch keeping officer then on several private power and sail boats as the owner and Captain. One thing that I noticed even back then was the move away from analogue records to digital records and computers. But there was a problem.  Sometimes the computers broke and while navigation became more and more automated sometimes it was a good idea to return to analogue records!  So I constructed a set of two tables that helped with Time, Speed and Distance. 

HMCS YUKON my first ship. Lots of wonderful memories...

On one side we have the MK1 table which covers speeds from 0 to 20 knots and on the other side we have the Mk2 table which covers speeds from 21 to 40 knots. The table is coated with a plastic laminated cover so you can drop coffee on it if you wish or use it in the rain or drop it on the deck and it will still work. Try that with your cell phone or computer and see if it still works! 

The tables are 7" X 5" which means that they are relatively inexpensive to ship and they come with instructions to get you started.  They would make a great gift for anybody with a boat and we are not talking about a huge amount of money either.  $12.50 includes shipping and handling.  Unfortunately I only have about 50 of them left so when they are gone I will need to get some more printed and that could take some time. So first come first served and I will post a note when this batch is sold out. 

Hope that you enjoy them!  There are lots of advantages to having non digital and non computerized navigation gear handy when your fancy equipment is busted.  We have a roll of heavy, tough (expensive) 10 mill laminating plastic and will use that on the initial batch.



E-books and Printed books? We offer two of our titles in both formats. Why? E-books are very inexpensive and allow instant downloads.  

Printed books have lots of advantages too. No computers are required, we think they are more fun to read and they make great editions to your library and really nice gifts. Purchasing both formats is a good idea as you obtain instant access and also have all the advantages of printed books!



Our titles are sold exclusively on-line to our readers and are not distributed in bookstores. The big publishers control book distribution and this is our way of getting around them and offering our services directly to you. Our printed books are published in North America not China. We never accept government assistance and we tell it like it really is. Our two main objectives are to inform and to entertain. Books should be fun to read and something that you can learn from! Public contact is via the Internet and e-mail.  


Ron Battiston, Publisher, North Bay, Ontario - Victoria, British Columbia- Canada. In 1996 I opened our Publishing Company and since then we have produced very interesting books on business and winter driving and Real Estate. Not only will you be able to make a billion or two or more you will survive on winter and even summer roads if you read and apply the ideas in our books! Have fun! Thanks for visiting! 


If you only made the money shown here that I am holding you would be very angry with our book YOUR VERY FIRST BILLION  or UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA because this is "only $1500" but on the other hand that is a huge amount more than the cost of our books! So don't whine eh. We have some of the best books published in Canada on business, real estate, winter driving and even poetry. So you can be safe, rich and happy and amused! 






Publishing is all about sharing great ideas from an Author to a Reader.  If you are an Author and share these points of view and are looking for a Publisher then please check out our Author's Page.  If you are a reader and wish to know more about making a fortune on business or Canadian Real Estate and staying safe on our winter roads then please purchase our books! 

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