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We are a small (tiny actually) Canadian publisher with books which are entertaining, unusual, surprising, true and fun to read. No fake news, No sneaky marketing. None of that silly stuff. That is why we are small and intend to stay that way! Please click on the book titles on the left to see more information about our books.
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When you publish books some people will love them and some will hate them! When you publish the truth in books some people will really resent you becasue they are making money avoiding the truth. If you mention anything political one party will agree and the other party will not. As I approach my 70th year on the planet all I want to do is share with you what I have learned and help you avoid problems and live a happy life. Your support would be most appreciated and I hope that you enjoy our books! I write the books, design the covers, do the website design and check the spelling myself. I wish I had help but I don't. If you would like to participate please contact me. We might not get rich but it is fun!

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